My Second Line Story

Cortney Hatfield

Our Story

  • Meg Anderson Fitzgerald - Orange Park Florida

    Love going! Sometimes I want to stay home on the couch, but when I think about how I feel when I get there, I know I need to go. The instructors make all the difference. They are the best! Definitely a "no judgement zone"!

  • Cortney Hatfield - Orange Park Florida

    To start I am a very shy introverted person who was scared to do any exercise in public in fear of being judged or laughed at. I began my fitness journey by changing they way I ate and lost 50 pounds without exercise. When the pounds stopped coming off , I decided I needed to push myself and start exercising. Zumba sounded fun and different, but dancing in front of people... NO WAY! With encouragement, I messaged Second Line Fitness and right away got a warm, friendly and excited response from Nikki telling me to come give it a try. Fast forward many months later and I'm hooked! All of the instructors and ladies in the classes are amazing, friendly, energetic and without judgment. I have lost 10 more pounds and several inches since starting and have never looked back. I always leave class feeling better than I came and never without a smile!

  • Terri L. Gaston Arlington Texas

    Second Line Fitness definitely been an inspiration to me. I am a health conscious individual and it has inspired me to go even further. I am actually involved in a challenge to eat clean and train lean right now!!

  • Pat Stiftar Orange Park Florida

    Wednesday was the first class of Zumba Toning. The class was fun and a great workout. Ivy, Nikki, Cheryl, and Sandra kept the class up beat and checked participants to make sure each was using the correct form for each exercise. The hour went by quickly. If you wish to workout and enjoy the workout try one of the Zumba classes. I love the Zumba classes because the instructors gear each class to met the needs of all the participants from low impact to high impact. I love the support I get from the other participants in the class. I really just like the fun I get to have while exercising. I challenge you to come to a class and not enjoy yourself!